The best question to ask after an interview.

Bestquestion to ask after an interview
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As you know it is vitally important to ask questions at the end of an interview. Knowing what questions to ask can be difficult especially if you have not prepared in advance. Fortunately for you, I think that I have finally identified the absolutely best question to ask at this time. This is a question that is psychologically designed to play on the interviewers’ subconscious memory. It ensures that you are remembered as the best possible candidate for the job.

Before I get right into it I should mention that a while back I published a blog post discussing a few other questions that you could ask at the end of an interview. In that blog post I also elaborated on the importance of asking questions during and after the interview. I especially highlighted what questions NOT to ask. I’m not going to go into that again.

Before we discuss the best question to ask in an interview.

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In this blog post I want to discuss the best question to ask after an interview. It is a question that will significantly increase your chances of being remembered by your interviewer. I recently stumbled across this question in a YouTube video discussing psychological methods of dealing with “Gate Keepers.” Unfortunately, I can not find the Video again. If I do come across it I will post the link for you here.

Basically the question goes something like this;

Interviewer (At the end of the interview): “Are there any questions from your side?”

You: “Yes. I was wondering, when you make your decision and eventually hire someone for this position, whether that person is me or someone else. How will you know a year or even six months down the line that you have hired the right person?”

That’s it. It is such a simple question but it shows the interviewer a few things. Firstly it shows that you are interested in what it takes to be successful in the position, and unless another candidate has read this Blog post my bet is that you will be the only interviewee that has shown an interest in anything further than the interview process.

Why this question works.

So why is this best question to ask after an interview? Well to answer this question the hiring manager will have to start describing the achievements the successful candidate will have achieved in the first six months. They might also discuss work habits, relationships with other staff, or relationships built with clients. Basically they will describe the perfect person for the job.

Now here is the best part of this. While they are describing the perfect candidate they will be looking at you, and they will subconsciously view you as the perfect candidate. After you leave that memory will remain.

Obviously, if you were a disaster in the interview this is not going to change much, however, if you were great in the interview this is most definitely a super little edge you can give yourself to ensure that you are remembered as not just a good candidate but the perfect candidate.

Thanks a million for taking the time to read this. If you are not yet at the interview stage or you would like to revamp your CV, please feel free to use one of my free CV templates. Or better yet check out these CV preparation hacks to help you make it even easier! If you try this question in your next interview please come back and tell me how it went in the comments. Also please feel free to share any awesome questions that you have found work well at the end of an interview.

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