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As the world’s technology moves forward at a forever accelerating pace, it is not uncommon for many of us to feel left behind. I feel that it is safe to say that if you are not making a distinct effort to “keep with the times,” it almost becomes certain that you be left in the nano-dust of the technological-train. In fact, even those of us who do make an effort to stay up to date with current technological advancements find themselves being rapidly left behind, and in the worst case, made redundant. It is a bitter pill to swallow, being told that you no longer have a job because the position can now be done by a computer program, smartphone application, or a robotic arm. Not only can this technology do your job, but it does it quicker, cheaper, and with 100% accuracy. You can try to postpone the inevitable, you can protest, march, whinge and whine as much as you like, but the fact of the matter is, if you are standing on the tracks, hoping to stop the speeding technological-train, you will be run over! The guys driving the train will not even feel the tiniest bump as they plow over you, you will be forgotten and you might never have a chance to catch up to that train again!

I realise that this post is becoming more and more depressing as it progresses so maybe it is time to throw in a little positivity. The good news is, although you and I might be left behind, these advancements create wonderful opportunities for the youth of today and our children. As some old jobs become redundant there are existing jobs that become essential, and even more, exciting, new jobs are created. What a wonderful opportunity for the next generation.

6 jobs that will be in high demand in the future

To highlight this point I would like to discuss 6 jobs that are going to be significantly more valuable in the near future.

1) Software Developer

This is listed as number one for a reason! If I was asked to pick just one job that will be in high demand in the future this would be the one. This is not something new, in fact, demand for software developers has been growing steadily for quite a number of years and the trend seems likely to continue. The reason for this is that none of the advanced technology that we rely on daily can function without good software, the hardware is just scrap metal without the software that runs it.

2) Digital Content Specialist

Thanks to the software developers above, companies that have mastered the secrets of digital content management have managed to keep in constant contact with their target audience. This relatively new marketing strategy has become a refined art and companies have found that it is necessary to employ digital content specialists, sometimes even teams of specialists. These specialists are responsible for producing new and engaging digital content on a daily basis. They need to not only understand the psychology involved in the marketing process, but they should also have a firm grasp on digital arts and have above average writing abilities. It requires an understanding of the algorithms of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. These algorithms are constantly changing which means your campaign from last month that was a huge success could be a flop this month.

3) Blockchain Developer

Blockchain technology is complicated and quite difficult to explain. It is certainly much to complicated to discuss in this Blog. If you have never heard about Blockchain technology then all I will tell you now is that it is the technology that makes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin possible. Individuals who have a mind for blockchain and are able to develop new and innovative products using this technology will profit nicely in the next couple of years.

4) 3D Printing Technician

Most of us will never have seen a 3D printer, although we have probably heard about them. It is suggested that we are only just getting started when it comes to the capabilities of these awesome machines. There is a good chance that in the future most companies and possibly even households will have a 3D printer in them. I mean imagine the following situation, you need a new pair of jeans, you jump onto the internet and find a pair that looks great. You decide to buy these jeans so you click add to cart, checkout and make your payment. These days you might wait a day or two before your new jeans arrive but not with a 3D printer, the exact specifications are downloaded to your computer and sent to your 3D printer. Minutes later your new pair of jeans are ready for a night out on the town. Sound far fetched? It might not be that long before this is a reality, and 3D printer technicians are going to be in high demand.

5) Robotic Technician

Just like every home might have a 3D printer in the future, there is a good chance that each home will also have a robotic assistant. This assistant might take care of simple tasks around the house such as cleaning, mowing the lawn, laundry, and possibly even cooking. There is a possibility that these assistants will act as a caretaker for our children, helping with homework when needed, and in extreme cases, they may even play the role of a “companion.” These robotic assistants will need maintenance and upgrades from time to time and a qualified robotic technician will be the guy to go to.

6) Weather Control Engineer

You may or may not believe in climate change, however, you must admit that there certainly seems to be an increase in severe weather occurrences such as floods and droughts around the world. Areas are constantly falling short or exceeding the average temperatures and rainfall for their region. These changes disturb farming activities and severe weather and temperature have been responsible for a great many deaths in recent years. It could very well be that major advances in weather manipulation might ensure that “weather control engineers” are able to prevent these devastating events in the future.

So there you have it, my top 6 jobs that will be in high demand in the future. Please let me know down in the comments what you thought about my list, and please tell me if there are any other jobs that you think are going to be important in the future.

I took these jobs off of a list compiled by Stanley Becket (Author of Liftoff: The secret keys to launching your goals) of 50 of the jobs that will be in high demand in the future. You can download the full list here if you are interested in the others. As a final thought I think that it is important to point out that although many of us are maybe a little long in the tooth to take advantage of these fantastic opportunities, we still have a responsibility to understand what might be required of the future workforce so that we can correctly advise our children when the time arises.

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