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    Although the focus of Bizcraft is more on assisting and educating job seekers to ensure that they put forward the very best application. We can assist with your companies recruitment on a case by case basis.

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Welcome to the home of Bizcraft

Bizcraft was established in early 2019. Originally the company was operating as a recruitment company exclusively for the hospitality industry. The companies founder had a passion for assisting job seekers find their ideal job. However, he became increasingly frustrated with the fact that he just could not help every employment seeker that came his way.

He desperately wanted to help every applicant put forward the best possible job application, but this was just not possible. It was at this point that he decided to start the Bizcraft Blog in an attempt to educate and assist workers, especially entry level employees. He became more and more passionate about writing and eventually decided to partially close the recruitment side of the business to focus on the Bizcraft Blog. He also wanted to create an online platform to advertise vacancies, hence the job search website. Unless otherwise mentioned, all the vacancies on this site are privately advertised and applications should be made directly to the company advertising the position.

Peter derived great joy from every thank you mail he received and this spurred his passion to a point where he decided to produce some Free Templates for job seekers to use. Everything on this website is completely free for you to use during your job search, and new content is added weekly. Please feel free to explore the site and make yourself at home. It is awesome to have you here.

If you have a question for Peter, you can use the contact link below.

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