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Let me ask you a question. When last did you take a personality test? If you are like me and you have been out of school longer then you were actually in it, my guess is that the last time you actually took one of these tests is quite some time ago.

Now you might be sitting there thinking something along the lines of “But why do I need to redo a personality test, my personality can’t change! Wrong! Although your personality is pretty stable, especially during adulthood, there are many situations that can cause a change to your personality. For example, a period of extreme stress can certainly cause a change, especially if over a prolonged period of time.

Get to know yourself with a big 5 personality test.

The reason I bring this up is that I recently decided to do a quick test, and the results were quite revealing actually. I am not who I thought I was if that makes sense. However, after giving the results some careful though, I had to admit, that this is actually who I am now. I honestly feel like I understand myself a little bit better today then I did before the test. So if you have got 5 minutes to spare, I would like to give you an opportunity to get to know yourself a little better today!

The big five personality traits.

Most contemporary psychologists agree that there are five basic personality traits. These are;

1) Openness
2) Conscientiousness
3) Extraversion
4) Agreeableness
5) Neuroticism

I came across a very simple test to measure these traits, the only problem I had with the test was that the calculations after completing the test became quite tiresome. But don’t worry I would never put you guys through that, so just for you, I have compiled a very quick Excel doc to analyze your Big Five Personality Traits. All you need to do is download the Excel Document below and follow the instructions. (The test takes only about 3-5 minutes) Ok, go do that quickly……………

Download our Big Five Personality Test here.



So under the questions, you will see a score next to each of the five personality traits. These scores should be somewhere between 0-40. 0 is obviously a low score and 40 is high and 15-25 would be the middle of the range neither high nor low. Please remember there are no good results or bad results, this is simply a reflection of your personality. Let’s discuss the various personality types and what each of the scores mean.

1) Openness

People who scored high in this trait probably have a broad range of interests. They are curious and very eager to learn and experience new things.

If you Scored HIGH, you …..

  • will be very creative.
  • enjoy experiencing new things.
  • are focused on tackling a new challenge.
  • enjoy thinking about abstract concepts.

If you scored LOW, you …..

  • do not like change.
  • do not enjoy new things.
  • resist new ideas.
  • are not very imaginative.
  • dislike abstract concepts.

2) Conscientiousness

Neat, tidy, and organized. Sound like you, if yes then I imagine you scored high in this trait. People who scored high here will also be able to plan ahead, meet deadlines, and are aware of how their behavior affects others.

If you scored HIGH, you …..

  • spend time preparing.
  • finish important tasks right away.
  • pay attention to detail.
  • enjoy having a schedule.

If you scored LOW, you …..

  • do not like structure.
  • make a mess and don’t take care of things.
  • do not put things back where they belong.
  • procrastinate.
  • often do not complete assigned tasks.

3) Extraversion

Did you score high in this trait? Then you are probably quite sociable and talkative. You are outgoing and social situations fill you with energy and excitement because you enjoy being around other people. If you scored low here then social events probably have the opposite effect on you, leaving you feeling tired and “drained of energy.”

If you scored HIGH, you …..

  • enjoy being the center of attention.
  • like to start conversations.
  • enjoy meeting new people.
  • makes friends easily.
  • say things without thinking first.

If you scored LOW, you …..

  • prefer solitude.
  • socializing exhausts you.
  • find it difficult to start conversations
  • dislike small talk.
  • do not speak just for the sake of speaking.

4) Agreeableness

High scores will possess empathy, kindness, and affection. They will also be more cooperative and are more willing to work in teams, while low scores will often be more competitive and possibly manipulative.

If you scored HIGH, you …..

  • have an interest in other people.
  • care about other people.
  • enjoy helping and contributing to the happiness of others.
  • assist people who are in need of help.

If you scored LOW, you …..

  • take little interest in others.
  • do not care how other people feel.
  • are not concerned with other people’s problems.
  • might insult and belittle others. Sometimes unknowingly.
  • manipulate others to get what you want.

5) Neuroticism

High scores in this trait will experience mood swings, anxiety, irritability, and sadness. Low scores are considered to be more emotionally stable.

If you scored HIGH, you …..

  • experience lots of stress.
  • worry about many different things.
  • get upset easily.
  • experience rapid mood shifts.
  • often feel anxious.
  • struggle to bounce back after stressful events.

If you scored LOW, you …..

  • are emotionally stable.
  • deal with stress well.
  • don’t often feel sad or depressed
  • do not worry much.
  • are very relaxed.

I would like to add before I sign off that these personality traits we have identified are not set in stone at all. The intention of this test is simply to help you understand yourself and your behavior slightly better. Although 9 times out of 10 a person’s reaction to a situation and the decisions they make will be consistent with their personality type, you must remember that the specific situation a person finds themself in is going play a major role in how the person reacts as well.

Well, thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read this Blog. I would love to hear where you scored high and low in the comments below.

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