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a great looking CV
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We all know that preparing a great looking CV is absolutely vital when searching for a new job. So many people drag their feet during this phase of the job search, simply because the thought of preparing a new CV can be quite daunting. But why start with a brand new CV each time, there are services that can assist you and make the entire process hassle-free. Let’s discuss some CV writing tips and services that will make your life much easier when you prepare your next CV.

There are three methods of preparing a quick, yet good looking CV that we will be looking at today. Some of these methods are free or cheap, while others are slightly more expensive. I will start by discussing the free and cheaper methods first. If you would like some more information on what to include in your CV, please check out my article titled CV writing tips to secure that interview.

CV Writing tips for job seekers.

There are three very basic methods of creating a great looking CV.

  1. Free CV templates
  2. CV writing mobile apps
  3. Professional CV writing services

As I mentioned I will discuss the free methods first.

1) Free CV Templates.

In my personal opinion, this is the best method of creating a great looking CV. There are numerous free CV/Resume templates that can be easily downloaded online. In fact, please feel free to visit my Free CV Template page and download a template to use right now. All of my templates are saved in .docx format and can be easily edited with Word or Libra office.

Of course, editing a CV template does require that you or someone you know has access to a computer and is able to use Microsoft word or Libra Office. For some more info on using one of my templates please check out ” how to edit your free CV template.”

2) CV Writing Mobile Apps

You can do almost anything with Cellphone applications these days, and designing a CV for your job search is no different. There are many CV / Resume design apps readily available, most are free and very simple to use. Below are 3 of the commonly used CV / Resume design apps available.

2.1) Curriculum Vitae

This app promises to create stylish CV’s / Resumes in minutes and store it as a PDF on your SD Card.

2.2) Resume PDF Maker / CV Builder

This as a jobseekers’ app to create, make, edit and share a professional format resume in PDF. The app provides you with ready-made CV templates to use. You only need to worry about the information to add to your CV.

This app is completely free and offline.

2.3) Resume Builder App Free (Recommended)

With this app, you simply choose one of the professional templates and fill in your information. Once you are done you will be able to save your CV and send it off to potential employers directly from your phone.

To be completely honest there are a number of apps available that will allow you to create a great looking CV, and they all function in pretty much the same way. By that, I mean that you will choose a template and input your information. My only recommendation is that you check the privacy policy of whichever app you decide to use and make sure that they are not storing or selling your information to third parties.

3) Professional CV Writing Services

The easiest way to get yourself a great looking CV is to enlist the services of a professional CV writer. Of course, this is also the most expensive method. There are many CV writers available in South Africa and making use of their services could cost you anywhere from R120 up to R6999. Yes R6999!

Below are a few CV writing services available in South Africa,


As with most professional CV writing services these guys offer a free CV review. Not only will they write a fantastic CV on your behalf, but they will also write a cover letter and set up a great looking and professional LinkedIn profile on your behalf.

This all comes at a cost of course. A standard CV for a graduate with up to one-year working experience will cost you R650. However, if you have been working for more then 5 years and would like a full package (CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile) written by James Innes you will end up paying R6999


The CV Shop is another professional CV writing service. Prices start at R390 for a graduate just out of university, while a full package for someone with over 5 years experience will need to be custom quoted. Prices for the full package start at R650.


If you are interested in an affordable CV writing service you can also check out Bizcraft’s CV writing service. This is a CV revamping service where a professional writer will redesign your existing CV. They will correct common spelling and grammar errors and ensure that the most important information on your CV stands out and gets noticed.

This CV revamping service only costs R250, you can find out more information about this service here.

All that being said, I have seen many CV writers advertising their services on websites like Gumtree. Sometimes for as little as R120.

I hope this has given you a few ideas on how to get your great looking CV up and running. At the end of the day, your chosen method will be determined by your budget and what you feel you can do yourself.

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