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Free CV Template

How to edit your FREE CV template.

I have started putting together a few CV templates in Word (.docx) format for anyone to use. I have done this because I have seen so many terrible CV’s being sent out recently, and it has occurred to me that possibly not everyone finds it easy to compile a great looking CV. If you would like to check out these CV templates and even download one (or more if you like) you can visit my free CV template page and get one now. (I will also include a link at the bottom of this article for you) This article will explain how to edit your free CV template once you have downloaded it.

How do you edit your free CV template?

It did also occur to me that possibly not everyone has the computer skills to edit one of my templates, even though I have done my best to keep them as simple as possible. If you are having trouble editing any of the templates you are welcome to check out this CV revamping service that will be able to assist you with putting together the perfect CV to get an interview.

If you are ready to do it yourself then here are a few tips that might help you.

1) Keep it simple!

Your CV is only a tool to get an interview. A simple easy to read CV has just as much possibility of achieving this as some of the more fancy and colorful options. If you are not very confident using Microsoft Word, rather choose a CV that is easy and simple to edit. There are a number of very simple designs available for you to use right now.

2) What information should you include in your CV?

All of my templates already have the most important sections included. In my opinion, these are;

  • CV header with your name and contact information.
  • CV objective statement. Some people do not like to include an objective statement however I personally feel that a short well-written objective statement can add huge value to your CV. Check out this article on objective statements if you are interested in writing one for your CV.
  • Employment History. This is the most important section of your CV, make sure it is well written.
  • Education.
  • Notable skills. Again some people may wish to leave this out, but if you are able to list five or six skills that you excel at it might grab the readers’ attention enough to get an interview. Don’t list skills that you do not possess.
  • References. This is also very important, I recommend listing 2 or three contactable and recent references if possible. I have never been a huge fan of CV’s that state “references available on request”
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I believe that these are the essential ingredients for a great CV.

3) What font and formatting should you use?

Again keep it simple. Use fonts that are easy to read, and make sure that they are not too small or too big. I suggest a font size of 11-12 pt. But it does depend on your font type. All of my CV templates have been designed with this format in mind. All you need to do is focus on entering your information into the template.

4) How long should your CV be?

Not more then 1-2 pages, possibly 3 if you have a lot of experience to enter, but that is the absolute maximum. Remember you want your information to be easily available for the reader. Try to avoid cramming your CV full of unnecessary information, and by unnecessary I mean anything that you can mention in an interview but will not directly contribute to you securing the interview.

It can be very difficult to distinguish between the two, but if your CV is too long, read through it and start removing information and sections that are not needed. This might mean going through it 10 times, but eventually, you cut out the fat, so to speak.

5) Should You Include a photo on your CV?

I recommend that you do. But this is a very personal preference, and might not be for you. This might also be industry-specific, I am biased by the hospitality industry which usually requires a head and shoulders photo to accompany an application. There are some templates that have a place for a photo and some that do not. Remember you can always send a photo as a separate attachment if required, it does not necessarily need to appear on your CV.

Either way, if you are sending a photo with your application please make sure that it a professional photo. Not your latest Facebook profile pic. Also, make sure you are smiling and come across as a friendly person in the photo.

As promised, you can visit the CV template download page here. Best of luck to you, I hope you have great success with your future job applications. If you have any questions about how to edit your free CV template please ask me in the comments below. I always try and reply to every single comment I receive.

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