Top Job Search Websites in South Africa

top job search websites in south africa
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There are so many job search websites which allow employers and recruiters to advertise their vacancies online. If you are using the internet to search for your next job, you probably have one or two websites that you are already using. Choosing the right job board website will allow you to find better jobs and avoid job scams and fake adverts. But which is the best online job board for searching for a new job?

In my honest opinion, it does not really matter. If you are using any one of the 13 websites below I am confident that you will find some great job vacancies. Sure all of the websites are slightly different, however quite often you will find the same jobs posted on multiple sites. I have compiled a list of the top job search websites for South African’s. If you are using one or two of these sites you are going to be seeing the vast majority of the quality jobs posted online.

Top Job Search Websites for South Africans

1) LinkedIn

If you do not already have a LinkedIn profile I highly recommend you create one, especially if you are in a managerial position or corporate industry. Not only will you find jobs advertised here, but you will also be able to network and make valuable contacts within your industry.

2) Jobmail

One of the best job boards in South Africa is JobMail. They also have a printed publication in which job seekers who do not have internet access are able to use it. The sign-up process as an advertiser is strictly controlled, with a job mail agent actually giving advertisers a phone call before allowing them to advertise. I am confident that this process is a great way of eliminating job scams and fake adverts.

3) Indeed

Even if you are using a few other sites for your job search, I would recommend you add Indeed to the list of sites. This is one of the largest job boards currently, and the positions posted are generally of high quality.

I would recommend these as the Top Job Search Websites in South Africa. However, there are a few others that you might also want to check out if you have the time.

4) Career Jet

5) CareerJunction

6) Careers24

7) BestJobs


9) Pnet

10) JobVine

11) Bizcommunity

12) SimplyHired

13) Bizcraft Innovations Jobs

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I hope this list helps you choose one of the top job search websites in South Africa. If you know about any others that are great please let me know about it in the comments below.

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