The 15 Absolutely Best Job Sites in South Africa

tbest job sites in south africa
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There are so many job search websites which allow employers and recruiters to advertise their vacancies online. If you are using the internet to search for your next job, you probably have one or two websites that you are already using. Choosing the right job board website will allow you to find better jobs and avoid job scams and fake adverts. But which are the best job sites in South Africa?

In my honest opinion, it does not really matter. If you are using any one of the top 7 websites below I am confident that you will find some great job vacancies. Sure all of the websites are slightly different, however quite often you will find the same jobs posted on multiple sites. I have compiled a list of the top job search websites for South African’s. If you are using one or two of these sites you are going to be seeing the vast majority of the quality jobs posted online.

15 Best Job Websites in South African

Below is a list of the best job sites in South Africa. Of course, making use of all of these job sites would become slightly overwhelming and time-consuming. Therefore, suggest that you stick to the top 7 websites on this list and only moving down the list if you are having no success with the top 7.

You can also click on any of the top 7 to find out a little more about the site and decide if it would work for your job search.

  1. Jobmail
  2. Linkedin
  3. Adzuna
  4. Jooble
  5. Bizcraft Innovations Jobs
  6. Hospitality247 Jobs
  7. Jobted
  8. Career Jet
  9. Career Junction
  10. Careers24
  12. Pnet
  13. Jobvine
  14. Bizcommunity
  15. SimplyHired

1) Jobmail

One of the best job boards in South Africa is JobMail. They also have a printed publication in which job seekers who do not have internet access are able to use it. The sign-up process as an advertiser is strictly controlled, with a job mail agent actually giving advertisers a phone call before allowing them to advertise. I am confident that this process is a great way of eliminating job scams and fake adverts.

2) LinkedIn

If you do not already have a LinkedIn profile I highly recommend you create one, especially if you are in a managerial position or corporate industry. Not only will you find jobs advertised here, but you will also be able to network and make valuable contacts within your industry.

3) Adzuna

Adzuna describes itself as a straight-shooting job search engine that helps you zero in on the right role. They are a job aggregation website which means that they collect jobs from numerous online job boards and then display these jobs in one convenient location.

So why should you use Adzuna?

  • They give you access to every job but don’t give anyone else access to your data
  • They cut through the noise so you can zero in on the right roles
  • They have unique tools and salary stats to help you pinpoint that killer role for the right pay

4) Jooble

Jooble is a job search engine that finds jobs advertised on thousands of job boards, recruiter pages, and other online publications. So in essence it is like Google, but for jobs! Each vacancy is checked at least 4 times a day to ensure that the vacancy is still valid.

Jooble is one of the top 1000 visited sites in the world and is currently listed as the second most visited job search site in the world. Currently, Jooble is not very well know in South Africa, however, their platform is set to grow massively in the near future and I can personally see the site overtaking Indeed as the dominant job search site in the near future.

5) Bizcraft Innovations Jobs

This is the Bizcraft job board where we publish all the very best job vacancies daily. We take especially good care to make sure that absolutely no job scams appear on our job board, and users of the site are asked to report a suspected scam immediately should they feel one has slipped through our fingers.

If you are looking for a job in any of the following fields then this is probably going to be the best job site in South Africa for you.

  • Admin Jobs
  • Personal Assistant Jobs
  • Receptionist Jobs
  • Sales / Tele-Sales / Call Center Jobs

6) Hospitality247 Jobs

This is a newly launched hospitality job board that as the name suggests posts vacancies in the hospitality industry. The site is much more than just job vacancies as you can find the latest hospitality news on the site as well. They even have some detailed lists of hospitality training providers and hospitality recruiters for users to view.

The great thing about hospitality247 is that any recruiter operating in the hospitality field can register an account and post their vacancies for free. Any other posts will need to be approved by the site’s admin before they will appear on the job board. Although this is a relatively new website, there is no doubt that it will be the best hospitality job search site in South Africa in the near future.

7) Jobted

Jobted is a new job site that I have recently come across although it appears that they have been operating since 2013. From what I can tell they are a job aggregation website that also pulls jobs from other job boards.

The website has a large number of jobs available and it is quite easy to use and sign up for alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Are all the job search sites above free to use?

Answer: All of the sites above are free for job seekers to use, although you may need to create an account with some of the sites

2) Can I advertise my jobs for free on any of these websites?

Answer: Many of the websites do have free job posts allowed. Jobmail is a great example of a site that allows free job posts. Other free job sites include:

  1. OLX
  2. Gumtree

However, to avoid spam and scams, we suggest you stick to the sites listed on this page as they are the best job sites in South Africa.

3) What is the best alternative to using one of these job websites?

Answer: A great alternative to job boards is social media such as Facebook. Many people are unaware that Facebook has a job search feature that is picking up in popularity. If your company has a Facebook page you can post a job. There are also numerous Facebook job search group which might be right for you. Search for on in your area and submit your job

4) If these sites allow free jobs and free searches how do they make money? Are they scams?

Answer: No. These sites make money by upselling advertisers on their premium listing services. They are not scams and if you suspect a scam on any of their sites you should always let the admin know through the “contact us” section.

5) Do job boards work? Won’t my post simply be lost in a flood of vacancies?

Answer: Of course by using some of the much bigger job boards this might be an issue. In fact, there are some very large job sites in South Africa which we have not listed on this page for this exact reason. If this is a concern you should try to find two websites to advertise on. One should be large and diverse and the other smaller and niche targeted.


I hope this list helps you choose one of the best job sites in South Africa. If you know about any others that are great please let me know about it in the comments below.

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  1. MetaMorpheus
    April 16, 2021

    I have found that Indeed and Glassdoor are both excellent, professional job portals.

    1. Peter Breedveld
      April 22, 2021

      Thank you for the comment. I personally do not like Indeed but I have good things about glassdoor.


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