How to make yourself irreplaceable at work

Make yourself irreplaceable
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There is nothing better than knowing that you are indispensable. Knowing that you are the go-to person for your Manger when times get tough. It is a personal satisfaction that almost anyone can relate to. But how do you make yourself irreplaceable at work? How can you achieve the satisfaction of being the star employee in your office? It’s actually not that hard if you are willing to put in a little extra effort.

Before you get started you need to identify “why” you want to make yourself irreplaceable. There are many reasons you may want to achieve this. Among the top reasons that I can think of is the knowledge that the star employee in an organisation is almost always going to be the person promoted first. They often enjoy small benefits that the other employees may not even be aware of. And if you do decide to leave the company you will have superb references which makes finding the next job even easier.

In my opinion, one of the best reasons to make yourself irreplaceable at work is for the feeling of security that comes with it. There is nothing better for job satisfaction than knowing your job is safe and that you are doing a great job.

These are my tips for how to make yourself irreplaceable at work.

1) Always go the extra mile.

Staff members who are considered irreplaceable by their managers usually do more than just “their” job. They take it upon themselves to learn more about other employee roles, and eagerly offer their assistance in other areas when needed.

2) Do a great job and commit YOURSELF to high standards.

If a manager sets your standards for you it will always be a chore to achieve them. This is simply because they are not YOUR standards. You need to set your own standards, and these standards need to higher then what your manager would expect of you. Make sure you are always pushing yourself to new and higher personal expectations.

3) Be honest and accept responsibility.

Everyone makes mistakes. If you miss a deadline, make a bad decision or make any other mistake, you need to be upfront and honest about it. Never pass the blame on to someone else, but rather try to come up with solutions to rectify the mistake as quickly as possible. Make sure you learn from every mistake you make and try your best not to repeat them.

4) Be reliable.

Being reliable is not just about being on time. It is about consistently getting the job done and always being willing to put in the extra hours when needed to meet a deadline. Always keep your promises and commitments to your manager and colleagues. You should also make it clear to your manager and colleagues that you are the person they can turn to when things get tough.

5) Always wear your smile to work.

To make yourself irreplaceable you not only need to do a great job, but people must also enjoy being around you. Try to stay positive and try not to offer negative opinions on topics. You should enjoy your job, and hopefully, your positive attitude and enjoyment in the workplace will spread to the rest of the staff members. If there is an office bully that does not like your rise in the company and is doing their best to make your life difficult. Then check out this article on how to deal with an office bully.

6) Take the initiative to make yourself irreplaceable at work.

Irreplaceable staff members do not wait for work to be assigned to them. They proactively seek out new tasks and assignments.

7) Help others without expecting anything in return.

For some reason, people in a work environment start to believe that the easiest way to succeed is if their colleagues fail. This is complete nonsense! If you really want to succeed make sure you help others succeed, learn to take pleasure watching them achieve great things knowing that you made it possible.

Start implementing these steps now to make yourself irreplaceable in the workplace. Results are not instant, but they are guaranteed. You will find yourself enjoying work more and building better relationships with other staff members. And all of this is going to have a positive effect on your entire life.

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