13 Signs that it is time to quit your job.

13 signs that it is time to quit your job
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Let’s have a look at 13 signs that it is time to quit your job. So you are considering resigning from your current job. Obviously you have your reasons, but maybe you are having some doubts? Asking yourself, “Is it really time to quit my job?” I mean let’s face it, everyone has a bad day at work from time to time, often leaving the office in a huff, promising to hand in their resignation the very next day. Yes, we have all been there. So how will you know that this is not just another one of those, “moments of weakness?” How do you know that it genuinely is the right time to resign?

Below are my top 13 signs that it is time to quit your job. You might find your reason on my list, or you might not. If you do not it does not mean that your reason is not valid. It could very well be!

Signs that it is time to quit your job.

1) You hate even the thought of going to work.

Do you go to bed dreading the next day, knowing you will need to go to work? Are you unhappy almost the whole day while at work? If you truly hate even the thought of spending 8 hours a day at your place of employment then you should probably consider making a change.

2) You complain about your job excessively

Ok firstly, everyone complains about their job. This is completely normal, it’s in our nature to complain This alone is not necessarily a sign that it is time to quit your job. The keyword here is “excessively.”

Think about the conversations you have with your family and close friends. What are the most common/recurring conversation topics? Are you constantly discussing your work environment in a negative manner? Are you complaining about your co-workers and managers? If you answered yes to these two questions it might be time to make a change!

3) Your work environment is filled with toxic negativity.

Always distance yourself from negativity, always! If you are currently working in an environment where your colleagues are constantly complaining. Does your boss never provide constructive criticism, but only ridicules and berates you? Or maybe your boss just never pays a compliment, but rather always finds faults in everyone’s work. If you are dealing with any of these situations it is best to get out ASAP.

4) Are you constantly defending or justifying your job?

Do you commonly find yourself defending or justifying your job to your close friends and family? Do you feel to urge to point out the pros even though you know the cons are far greater? There is no point lying to yourself. Don’t try to convince yourself that things will change, get out while you can.

5) It is damaging to your health

Ask yourself, is this job a detriment to my health? Stress, negativity and excessive pressure can all lead to serious health problems down the line. These scary health problems include things like;

  • Heart disease
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Accelerated aging

And that just to name a few. The point being, rather find a position that is not going to push you into the grave too early.

Damage to your health could also come in the form of not allowing you enough time to exercise, eat healthily or get enough sleep. These things are important and if your company cannot be flexible enough to allow you to look after yourself, well then it’s time to hit the road.

If it is possible, try to set better Work / Life boundaries. Speak to your employer and explain the problem you are having and what you need from them to fix the issue. No job is worth sacrificing the one body that you have, so if your employer is not empathetic to the fact that you feel overwhelmed by the workload. Well, that is a clear sign that it is time to quit your job.

6) You cant voice your opinion at work.

Does your workplace encourage staff members to speak up and voice their opinions? Or it this discouraged? Often managers and employers who do not like staff voicing their opinion will treat those who do speak up as “trouble makers.” This is completely ridiculous, and in a healthy work environment staff should feel confident and comfortable to speak up whenever they feel they need to.

7) You have no desire to work and keep putting things off.

This happens to a lot to people who have just outgrown their current job. It can be soul-destroying going into a job every day that you do not find engaging. If you are constantly procrastinating your work tasks just to check your latest Instagram feed its time to make a change.

Remember your job should give you some joy.

8) There is no chance of moving up in the company.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Is there an opportunity for you to grow to this position within your current company? If not, then maybe you should consider moving to a job where this is a possibility. What is the point of wasting your energy doing a job that ultimately is not going to contribute to your career goals?

Obviously this point depends on a number of other factors such as;

  • How long have you been in your current position?
  • Have you mastered your current position (In other words you can not learn anything more from the job)

9) The skills you use daily are not what you enjoy doing.

Sometimes managers do not understand that skills staff members are good at might not necessarily be the skills they enjoy using. Of course, if you possess a certain skill and it is needed from time to time at the company why not offer your assistance. The problem is when using these skills becomes the bulk of your workload.

10) You are overqualified for the job.

Yes, we are going through tough times in our country. There are many people have had to take jobs that they are overqualified for. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Do your best, and keep your eyes open for other great job offers that better suit your qualifications. Remember you are not stuck.

Another great reason that you might be overqualified is if you have been studying while working an entry-level job. Now with the new qualification, it is time to move up in the world.

Never be embarrassed to admit to that you feel you are destined for bigger or better things. If this is truly how you feel then you probably are!

11) You are being head-hunted. (Might not be a sign to quit your job.)

Relax, relax, this is a good thing. This means that you have been doing a great job and it has been noticed. This is not necessarily a sign that it is time to quit your job. But it gives you options. Take a serious look at your career goals once again and decide which direction best leads you there.

12) The companies values do not align with yours

Firstly you should try to never take a job where the companies culture and values do not align with yours. That being said, sometimes we do not realize it before taking the position. You should feel positive about the work you and your company does. Ideally, you should feel like you are contributing to the world. You can not stay in a position where you feel that what your company does is unethical or wrong.

13) You have lost your passion for a job you once loved.

People change. Like I said earlier, you are going to spend the majority of your time awake at your job. If you have lost your passion for your work it might be a good time to start looking for other opportunities. Try to start moving your career towards something that you are passionate about. And do it before it is too late.

I think that in conclusion, I should mention that just because you can relate to any one, or more of these 13 signs that it is time to quit your job, does not mean that you should jump up and hand in your letter of resignation immediately. They are certainly signs that you should start looking for something better. But make sure to find a new job before resigning. When you have made the decision to leave check out this article of resignation notice periods.

You also need to remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. It is very hard to predict what your next position will be like. Approach every new opportunity with an open mind, learn from your current situation and watch out for warning signs. There is nothing more demoralizing than going from a bad situation into a worse one.

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