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Bizcraft Recruitment Services is constantly looking for the top performers in the Hospitality Industry. If you looking for a new hospitality job, let us help you with your job search!

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What can you find here to help you with your hospitality job search?

FREE JOB SEARCH ADVICE. We have a brillient blog which covers many issues surrounding emloyment and searching for a job. We are also always available for job seekers to contact us with any questions they might have.

NO COST TO JOB SEEKERS. Bizcraft will never charge job seekers for any of the services available on this website. (This does exclude the CV writing service unfortunately

INDUSTRY EXPERTS. Our recruiter has spent years in varying positions within the hospitality industry, these include; General Management, Operations Management, Food and Beverage Management and Field Guide.

CONFIDENTIAL HOSPITALITY JOB SEARCH. 1) We will not share any of your information with any company without your permission. 2) We will not contact your current employer for a reference until we are in the final stages of the application process, and only then with your permission. Check out all the available job vacancies on our Website.

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Tips for preparing your CV

Research shows that about one interview is granted for every 200 CV's received by the average employer. This also applies to your hospitality job search. Research also tells us that your CV will be quickly scanned rather then read, you literally only have on average about ten seconds to make an impression and get the employer to read further. What this means is that the overall first impression of a CV can make or break your chances to secure that interview. (Fortunately Bizcraft does give honest feedback on your CV quality and allows you to make the necessary changes before a prospective employer would see your CV)

Your CV is a tool with only one purpose - TO WIN AN INTERVIEW. If it is unable to do this it is not an effective CV. Your CV is an advertisement and nothing more.

A good CV does not just tell the reader what you have done in the pasted, but emphasizes what you will do for them in the future. It needs to convince the employer that you have the skills to be successful in this new position. Yes most of the content of your CV will be focused on your employment history, but it should be written in such a way as to create interest and persuade the employer to call you. As you prepare your new CV please keep this in mind and sell your product - YOU. For more info on CV writing check out this blog post.

Find out more about our CV upgrading and writing services here.

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Useful Template Downloads

It is always advisable to send a cover letter when applying for a position, and ALWAYS send a thank you letter after an interview. If you do not already have a CV, Cover letter or Thank you letter please use the button below to find a number of free templates.

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