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All of these Cover letters are designed to be easy to use and edit, even if you are not a computer wiz. If you have never written a cover letter you can find out how to write a cover letter here that will grab the readers attention. However if you are interested in getting some assistance with writing your application cover letter you can check out this CV revamping service which will use any of the templates below.

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What information should you include in your cover letter?

A cover letter is a letter that you should always include with your job application, should not be longer then a single page.

1) Your Name and Contact information.

These details should appear at the top of the cover letter and will preferably be one of the first things that the reader sees. Contact details would include a mobile number and an Email address. Make sure you are reachable on both these contact details.

2) The details of the intended recipient

Use the hiring managers name and their position in the company. If you do not not know this information try your best to get it. Addressing the letter "To Whom it may concern" should be a last resort.

3) The position you are applying for.

This should be mentioned at the start of the cover letter. It could be as simple as the following example, (RE: Application for the advertised Service Advisor position) before your opening paragraph. Alternatively you could mention this information in the opening paragraph of your letter. There is no right or wrong way to do this, whatever feels right for you is fine.

4) Mention your relevant skills

At some point in the main body of the letter you are going to want to give a short list of the skills you possess. Remember to edit this list for each application to make sure that it fits the job description of the position you are applying for.

5) Explain why you are right for the job

This should come towards the end of the letter. You have already told the reader what skills and experience you have, now you need to drive this information home with but describing why these skills and experience makes you the perfect person for the job.

6) Call to action

Thank the reader for taking the time to read your application and invite them to contact you for an interview. An example of this could go something like this, "Thank you very much for your consideration. I have attached my CV to this application and I eagerly await your call to discuss this position in more detail."

How to write a cover letter: A simple explanation

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