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Common questions asked in interviews

11 common questions asked in interviews, and how to prepare for them.

There are certain questions which seem to pop up over and over again in interview situations. These questions should be easy to answer to the prepared candidate, unfortunately all to often the combination of being under-prepared and the stress of the situation can make answering even the simplest question seem extremely difficult. Make sure you prepare yourself for the questions on this list and you will be sure to stand out at your next interview.

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CV writing tips

CV writing tips to Secure that Interview.

Did you know the average employer only spend about 10 seconds reading a CV before deciding if if is worthwhile to carry on. If you can not make an impact in those first 10 seconds your CV will end up in the trash. Your CV is a tool to advertise yourself to prospective employers. Its one and only purpose is to secure you an interview, if it can not do this it is not an effective tool. In this article we have given some advice on how to write a professional looking CV that will be noticed by the reader.

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