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S.M.A.R.T Social Media objectives

Are your Social Media Marketing Objectives Smart?

So many people start their social media marketing campaigns without really outlining their objectives properly. This inevitably leads to poor results and a feeling of hopelessness. For some reason we take a failed social media marketing project a little more personally then other forms of marketing. Strangely enough this personal connection is one of the reasons that social media marketing is so powerful if implemented correctly, but that is a theme for an entire other blog post (soon).

So, “how do I outline my objectives correctly then” you might ask. Well that is easy, just remember SMART. Your goals MUST be;

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Timed

Your Goals must be Specific

You must know what you want to achieve from the marketing campaign. Do not set broad goals, set specific goals. Know exactly what you want to achieve and write these goals down in big bold letters. If you are part a team put these goals up on a board for everyone to see.

Your Goals must be Measurable

There is no point setting a goal if you are not able to measure its success or failure. If you can not measure your goals you can not manage them, and you certainly will not know if you achieved them. Set success and failure points for each of your goals and track progress during the course of the project.

Your Goals must be Achievable

Don’t set yourself unrealistic time lines or results that are out of your budget range. Be reasonable and you will avoid disappointment. You may have run a perfect campaign, however if your goals were unrealistic from the start you will think that you failed.

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Your goals must be Relevant

Ensure that the goals you have set out align with the companies bigger picture. For example, your company may need to boost online sales and getting page likes is not a priority, or your company may be dealing with a negative online image and directing numerous users to a landing page will not help correct the negative perceptions in the market place.

Timed – Set a Timeframe

Once you are happy that your goals meet all the requirements you need to set a realistic time frame to achieve them. Keep track of your progress the entire journey and make small adjustments before big adjustments are necessary.

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