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Facebook Updates

How will the latest Facebook updates affect the Hospitality Industy?

Facebook has made some big developments to their platforms that are going to directly impact hotels, resorts and other businesses in the hospitality industry. Lets take a look at how these updates are going to impact you.

1) Facebook’s new Mobile App

FB has recently launched a new app which is already rolling out. This new app is designed to be a little more user-friendly and it apparently runs a little quicker. It also puts emphasis on stories, groups and events in an attempt to draw users attention to these features.

What does this mean for hotels and lodges? What this basically boils down to is that FB will be prioritizing community building features that most users are drawn to. This is actually great news as hotels and lodges who are creating groups, using events and stories will be ahead of the competition and will stay more relevant in their audiences news feeds.

2) Facebook Messenger Gets an Update

The messenger app has also received a recent update, again this new app has been designed to be faster and “simpler” to use. The new app obviously has a heavy focus on chat features but also offers video co-watching capabilities to keep people interacting within the app. Early in 2019 FB announced that they are planning on integrating their messenger apps, including Messenger, Instagram direct and Whatsapp in an effort to create a seamless user experience. It is suspected that this update of messenger is a part of this integration process.

What does this mean for hotels and lodges? The integration of these messenger apps could mean that more of your guests will be using the new messenger platform to get in touch. Make sure that you are paying close attention to these channels.

3) Messenger Offers New Lead Generation Tools

FB Messenger is going to be gaining a few new features, the aim of these new features is to assist businesses to drive meaningful results through the platform. Some of these features will include appointment booking, lead generation templates and clickable CTA’s (Call to Actions.) These new features are currently in the Beta testing stages and will roll out to those who do not have them later in the year.

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What does this mean for hotels and lodges? More and more users are using messenger to get in touch with hotels and lodges, and it looks like this trend is likely to continue, especially with the improved mobile app. These new features can be used to encourage users to take actions like completing surveys or heading to your site to make bookings at your hotel, restaurant or spa.

4) Instagram Releases Stories Quiz Stickers

These new stickers allow a user to ask their followers a multiple-choice question. You can choose the correct answer and you can see which answers your follows are choosing.

What this means for hotels and lodges? This is a great new sticker for connecting to guests. You could ask users a question relating to your lodge in order for the user to win a prize, like a free night or a discounted restaurant meal. Even if you decide not to use this feature for a give away you can still use it to grab users attention and create brand awareness – especially if the users want to know if they answered the question correctly.

So if you are managing your Hospitality Companies Social Media account look out for these features and start incorporating them into your SMM (social media marketing) plan. This is a great opportunity for your company to stand out from the competition. You can use our awesome search bar below to search for Jobs and other super Blog posts on our website.

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