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5 fun website based facts

So today I have a few fun facts for you, well 5 to be exact. Now I know many of you will be thinking “why only 5?, that seems a little lazy.” Well firstly I am feeling a little lazy today, and secondly in my personal opinion people often try to cram way to many facts into this type of blog post. The result being that you read the post but you actually do not remember any of the interesting facts that the article contained. Well my friends, that will not happen here, oh no! I have chosen 5 website based facts and my goal is to ensure that each and every person who reads this blog remembers at the very least 3 facts, and uses them in the next day or two. (Please come back and leave a comment if you do)

Right so let me then get on with it.

Fact #1

DID YOU KNOW: The very first website was launched on the 6 August 1991 and was a very basic HTML website with no images. The site can still be viewed here The very first image to be published to the web was uploaded the following year in 1992.

Fact #2

DID YOU KNOW: The World Wide Web was the name eventually chosen for what most of us know as the internet. There was much discussion surrounding this name, and some other names which very almost came out ahead were “Mine of Information” and “Information Mesh.”

Fact #3

DID YOU KNOW: You are 3 times more likely to get a computer virus from a church website then from a pornographic website!

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Fact #4

DID YOU KNOW: There is a website that tells you when the best time to run to the loo is during a movie so that you do not miss out on much of the story line. Yes, it is true and the website is called

Fact #5

DID YOU KNOW: The Freestate government spent R56 million on their website  which was built using a R566 WordPress theme. The link to the website designers site on the page (Which has since been removed) showed a “site unavailable” page when clicked. Makes you wonder….


Well there we have it, our 5 website related facts for today. I hope you enjoyed them. I hope you remember them, and a really hope you use them.

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