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Avoid making a bad hire

How to avoid making a bad hire when employing new staff.

The hospitality industry is known to have a higher then average staff turn over. Obviously there are costs involved in replacing staff members, however did you know that these costs can more then triple if you unfortunately make a bad hire during this recruitment process?

95% of large companies admit that they make a minimum of one bad hire per year, so the likely hood is that you have made a few in the past as well. No need to kick yourself, most times these “bad candidates” actually look perfect on paper, so what went wrong in the end?

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S.M.A.R.T Social Media objectives

Are your Social Media Marketing Objectives Smart?
So many people start their social media marketing campaigns without really outlining their objectives properly. This inevitably leads to poor results and a feeling of hopelessness. For some reason we take a failed social media marketing project a little more personally then other forms of marketing. Strangely enough this personal connection is one of the reasons that social media marketing is so powerful if implemented correctly...

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