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How long should my CV be?

How long should my CV be?

"How long should my CV be?" This is a common question that job seekers preparing a CV will ask themselves. You may even have wondered if the length of your CV matters at all. Well, the answer is yes, your CV length is actually very important and could be a critical factor in determining if you are called for an interview or not. Keeping your CV short and sweet, and filled with only the most important information is the best way to ensure it gets noticed.

Would you like to find out exactly how to prepare a CV that is the perfect length and still contains all the most important information? Well then check out this article where I answer these questions and give some very useful tips regarding your CV length.

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Sick Leave in South Africa

Sick Leave in South Africa | What you need to know

Many workers do not entirely understand the law surrounding sick leave and the individual rights of both the employer and employee. Fortunately, as with most employee/employer-related questions we can find most of the answers in the basic conditions of employment act or the labour relations act, and this is no exception.

In this article, we take a look at how many sick leave days an employee is entitled to, what you should be paid on sick leave and if you need to supply a sick note.

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How to claim from UIF

How to claim from UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund)

How to claim from UIF (Unemployment Fund). Losing your job for whatever reason is stressful and incredibly overwhelming. To make matters worse, jobs are becoming more and more scarce, this can mean that unemployed job seekers are unable to generate an income for quite some time while between jobs. This loss of income can be devastating for individuals and their families. Fortunately, we have what is known as the unemployment fund in South Africa which offers slight relief during this difficult time.

The UIF is designed to offer temporary relief to workers who have lost their jobs due to dismissal or retrenchment. But it does not stop there. It will also cover people who can not work because of illness, maternity/adoption leave and even relatives of workers who have passed away. Let's take a closer look at the unemployment insurance fund, figure out who is covered and how to claim from UIF when needed.

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How to write a cover letter

How to write a cover letter: A simple explanation

Writing a cover letter to accompany your CV when applying for a job is a must. But so many people get stuck trying to write a cover letter, even experienced writers. I have broken down the process of writing your cover letter into sections. If you follow these steps and go section by section you will have a great looking cover letter in no time.

Adding a cover letter to your applications is a sure way to increase the number of job offers you receive.

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