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Preparing for a job interview

Preparing for a Job Interview

So you have prepared the perfect CV and cover letter, applied online for a position that fits your skills and experience. Finally you get the call that you have been waiting for, you have an interview. As you hang up the phone your excitement turns into panic, you need this job, you CAN NOT mess up this interview. So what do you do? You prepare of course! Not sure how to prepare for an interview? Don’t stress, we have broken down the process into this easy to follow check list. 

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Bestquestion to ask after an interview

The best question to ask after an interview.

As you know it is vitally important to ask questions at the end of an interview. Knowing what questions to ask can be difficult especially if you have not prepared in advance, but fortunately for you I think that I have finally identified the absolutely best question to ask at this time. This is a question that is psychologically designed to play on the interviewers subconscious memory, ensuring that you are remembered as the best possible candidate for the job.

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Questions to ask during an interview

What questions to ask during an interview?

During an interview the interviewer is obviously going to ask you a number of questions. They are trying to find out if your skills, experience and personality match the position and culture of the company. However you should never think of an interview as a one way interrogation. Rather think of an interview as a back and forth conversation, you must remember that just as the interviewer is trying to figure out if you are a good fit for the company YOU need to figure out if the company will be a good fit for you.

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Why are you not securing interviews

Securing interviews – 13 reasons you are not getting called back.

Imagine the following situation, you have applied for a position which seems perfect for you. You have compiled the ideal CV and written a motivated cover letter. You just know that this position is the one! However your confidence slowly turns into frustration as the days go by and you receive no news on an interview date. The truth is that this is an exceptionally common situation and I get asked by candidates on a daily basis why they have not managed to secure an interview. In this blog post I answer this question with the 13 most common reasons candidates do not get interviewed.

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Things to do while job searching

5 things you should do while job searching.

Anyone who has been in unemployed and job searching knows just how stressful the process can be. This stress is exhausting and can lead to relationship problems and a feeling of guilt at letting your loved ones down. Often people feel that they should be spending every waking moment applying to jobs, even if these jobs do not necessary suit their skills and experience levels. Just the feeling of sending off your application helps to make you feel slightly less guilty. In other words we want our friends and family to see that we are doing EVERYTHING we possibly can to land another job.

The problem is that this strategy of applying for as many jobs as possible and hoping for the best actually does not help you find employment any faster. In fact it could hurt your chances of finding a position, especially if you are applying through recruitment companies. Many recruiters will not consider you for any future position if you gain the reputation of someone who just applies even when not suitably qualified. This tactic can do more harm then good.

When searching for a new job it is much better to prioritise quality over quantity. In other words instead of sending your CV off to 50 jobs in a day rather spend more time searching for just 2-5 positions that closely match your skills / qualifications and experience levels. There is also nothing wrong with sending your CV to a recruitment agency and asking that your CV be kept on file for any future positions matching you profile.

This strategy is significantly more likely to nail you an interview, you will also find that you have some more free time as you will not be sending your CV to 50 companies who are not interested anyway. Should you feel guilty having this extra free time. NO! But what should you do to keep yourself busy during this time?

1) Perfect your Cover letter

A cover letter or “intro statement” is one of the most underrated weapons in a job searches arsenal. Remember when we discussed CV writing tips we mentioned that your CV is nothing more then an advert to get you an interview. To many desperate job seekers are more concerned with just sending out their CV then sending out a good CV. You do not want to be just another job seeker, you want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. Your cover letter will help you achieve this.

2) Exercise

A great way to relieve stress and boost your physical and mental health is to exercise regularly.  What better time then when you are in-between jobs. You will find that this exercise even helps you get a better nights sleep. You may have been struggling with getting enough sleep as the stress builds while job searching. Turn the TV off, put the phone down and go for a jog. I guarantee you that you will find that you are more positive and able to deal with the current situation. I also bet that the next interview you walk into you will make a better first impression with that new spring in your step.

3) Read

There are really two reasons to read, you might decide to read for only one of these reasons or for both. Either way it will be beneficial. The first reason to read is to loose yourself in a story and forget about the stress. If this is your reason for reading grab a great fiction book and dive right in. The second reason for reading would be to learn something new and build new ideas on a subject. Remember the old phrase “Knowledge is power?” It really is true and it will help you interview better if you are able to discuss a variety of subjects with your interviewer.

4) Visit Friends and Family

This is especially important when you are really feeling down and out. Your family and friends have supported you through tough times and they will support you through this. Sometimes all it takes is sitting down and enjoying your favourite home cooked meal made by mom.

Remember you will not have as much time to visit with family and friends when you are working all day, so take advantage of the situation now.

(I am assuming that your family is supportive and your friends are a good influence on you. This is not always the case. If you do not feel that you will get the support you need then rather skip this)

5) Learn a new skill

This must be my top recommendation for anyone currently in-between jobs. There are so many options available to anyone wanting to advance themselves. These options are largely dependant on your budget. They range from recognised formal qualifications to free online courses available to anyone.

Try to make sure that this new skill is applicable to your new job and then add it to your CV as soon as you complete it. This shows employers that you are a proactive person wanting to better themselves wherever possible.

If you try these five things, you will be well on your way to finding a new job and you won’t just feel like you are passing time waiting for that new job to come along. Remember, be proactive and take ownership of your career like never before. You might be looking for a job, but don’t let that stop you from living your life!

Please leave me a comment below letting us know which of these you plan on doing during your job searching. I cant wait to hear from you.

Common questions asked in interviews

11 common questions asked in interviews, and how to prepare for them.

There are certain questions which seem to pop up over and over again in interview situations. These questions should be easy to answer to the prepared candidate, unfortunately all to often the combination of being under-prepared and the stress of the situation can make answering even the simplest question seem extremely difficult. Make sure you prepare yourself for the questions on this list and you will be sure to stand out at your next interview.

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