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Warning signs of a job scam

8 warning signs of a job scam.

Job scams are designed to prey on individuals at their most vulnerable, when they are desperate and almost willing to believe anything. The desperation makes it hard to identify who is good and who is trying to scam you. To help you identify if a job offer is legitimate or not I have put together a short list of warning signs to look out for. These are the first signs that an offer may not be what it appears.

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Job Scams. How to avoid them

JOB SCAMS! How to avoid becoming a victim.

Unfortunately we live in a country that is plagued by high levels of unemployment, and although you might think that this is bad enough there are many individuals who have seen this as an opportunity to scam desperate job seekers. I can imagine how easy it must be to fall into one of these traps, especially when you are desperate for a job, any job. Desperation clouds our judgement and allows us to make decisions and take actions that we would normally not. My hope is that by highlighting some of these scams and giving you an idea of what to look out for you might recognize a scam before it is to late.

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Avoid making a bad hire

How to avoid making a bad hire when employing new staff.

The hospitality industry is known to have a higher then average staff turn over. Obviously there are costs involved in replacing staff members, however did you know that these costs can more then triple if you unfortunately make a bad hire during this recruitment process?

95% of large companies admit that they make a minimum of one bad hire per year, so the likely hood is that you have made a few in the past as well. No need to kick yourself, most times these “bad candidates” actually look perfect on paper, so what went wrong in the end?

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I wont stop!!!

Do you want your dream life? The big house? Do you want a partner that loves you with their whole heart? You can have it, in fact, if you can dream it you can have it. All it takes is a promise to yourself:

“I will not stop! EVER”

Five years! Five years of toil. Five years of pushing yourself. Five years of evolving you, your life, and your mind.

Five years of uncertainty, five years of fear, five years of society telling you that you will fail.

That’s “all” it takes.

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