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13 signs that it is time to quit your job

13 Signs that it is time to quit your job.

Thinking about resigning from work? Let's face it, everyone has a bad day at work from time to time, often leaving the office in a huff, promising to hand in their resignation the very next day. Yes, we have all been there. So how will you know that this is not just another one of those, “moments of weakness?” How do you know that it genuinely is the right time to resign?

Check out these 13 signs that it might be time to resign.

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Online scams - Viewing adverts for cash

Online Scams – “Viewing adverts for cash.”

I recently came across an online scam. From the start, I knew I was dealing with a scam. However it occurred to me that to some people it might not be that obvious. I wanted to share some information with you about the particular site that I was dealing with, and discuss some glaringly obvious warning signs pointing to this being a scam website.

This is an article describing what the site was all about and what to look out for if you are ever in doubt.

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