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How to write a cover letter

How to write a cover letter: A simple explanation

Writing a cover letter to accompany your CV when applying for a job is a must. But so many people get stuck trying to write a cover letter, even experienced writers. I have broken down the process of writing your cover letter into sections. If you follow these steps and go section by section you will have a great looking cover letter in no time.

Adding a cover letter to your applications is a sure way to increase the number of job offers you receive.

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Warning signs of a job scam

8 warning signs of a job scam.

Job scams are designed to prey on individuals at their most vulnerable, when they are desperate and almost willing to believe anything. The desperation makes it hard to identify who is good and who is trying to scam you. To help you identify if a job offer is legitimate or not I have put together a short list of warning signs to look out for. These are the first signs that an offer may not be what it appears.

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