8 warning signs of a job scam.

Warning signs of a job scam

Job scams are designed to prey on individuals at their most vulnerable, when they are desperate and almost willing to believe anything. The desperation makes it hard to identify who is good and who is trying to scam you. To help you identify if a job offer is legitimate or not I have put together a short list of warning signs to look out for. These are the first signs that an offer may not be what it appears.

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Affiliate marketing in South Africa – Yes you can!

Affiliate Marketing South Africa

Would you like you learn how to make an extra little side income? If you answered no to that question, please close this web page immediately and book an appointment at your doctor to have your head examined. The fact is all of us need a little extra in our pockets as the month draws to an end. Affiliate marketing in South Africa is becoming more and more popular, and this could be your key to generating that extra little income. Let me teach you how!

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Preparing for a Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview

So you have prepared the perfect CV and cover letter, applied online for a position that fits your skills and experience. Finally you get the call that you have been waiting for, you have an interview. As you hang up the phone your excitement turns into panic, you need this job, you CAN NOT mess up this interview. So what do you do? You prepare of course! Not sure how to prepare for an interview? Don’t stress, we have broken down the process into this easy to follow check list. 

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The best question to ask after an interview.

Bestquestion to ask after an interview

As you know it is vitally important to ask questions at the end of an interview. Knowing what questions to ask can be difficult especially if you have not prepared in advance, but fortunately for you I think that I have finally identified the absolutely best question to ask at this time. This is a question that is psychologically designed to play on the interviewers subconscious memory, ensuring that you are remembered as the best possible candidate for the job.

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