How to set up a website

How to set up a website for your company.

If you want your business to succeed you need a website, it is honestly as simple as that. The reason for this is that we live in a world of instant gratification where people want their information available at the touch of a button. Your potential and existing clients need quick access to information about your company when they want it or they will move on to your competitor. There are many ways of supplying this information to your clients but the absolute best is through the use of a well designed website.

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I wont stop!!!

Do you want your dream life? The big house? Do you want a partner that loves you with their whole heart? You can have it, in fact, if you can dream it you can have it. All it takes is a promise to yourself:

“I will not stop! EVER”

Five years! Five years of toil. Five years of pushing yourself. Five years of evolving you, your life, and your mind.

Five years of uncertainty, five years of fear, five years of society telling you that you will fail.

That’s “all” it takes.

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S.M.A.R.T Social Media objectives

Are your Social Media Marketing Objectives Smart?
So many people start their social media marketing campaigns without really outlining their objectives properly. This inevitably leads to poor results and a feeling of hopelessness. For some reason we take a failed social media marketing project a little more personally then other forms of marketing. Strangely enough this personal connection is one of the reasons that social media marketing is so powerful if implemented correctly...

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